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Out In The Sticks

Close your eyes. Feel the warm sun on your face. Enjoy the breeze gently touching your hair. Know that this moment is yours. Just be…

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Country Roads

Something about the wide open road in front of me draws me in and makes the stress just melt away with every mile. As I crank down the windows and the country smells begin to surround me, I take a deep breath and sigh, knowing I am right where I need to be… Life is good.

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Past The City Limit Sign

When you begin exploring county roads you never quite know what to expect around the next curve. Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised and can’t figure out why you never checked out that road before. I bet I have driven past FM 2252 a few hundred times over the years. Never in a million years was I expecting the incredible little …

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An Old Dirt Road

When I take off on country backroads it’s rare for me to know where I am going. I just go. I reckon I will know when I get there and usually I do. Sometimes the music is cranked up loud and sometimes it’s quiet all around me – mostly because the old truck radio is seriously haunted and works when …

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